Anti-Corruption Justice Center Opens For Business
Governance and Rule of Law
Tuesday, 23 August 2016
Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 August 2016
Written by Ghafoor Saboori
Attorney General Farid Hamid addressing a session at his office in Kabul

After weeks of delays, the Specialized Anti-Corruption Justice Center officially started its work on Tuesday with Afghanistan's Attorney General Farid Hamidi reiterating calls to Afghans to cooperate with the organization in its bid to curb corruption in the country.

The ongoing issue of corruption has tarnished the country's image abroad, analysts have said

Hamidi reaffirmed their commitment to fight corruption resolutely and without taking pressure from any one.

"We will fight seriously, all opportunities for transparent and fair trials will be considered in the process. Anyone accused or convicted will be provided with his basic rights," said Hamidi.

The opening of the specialized corruption justice center has drawn widespread reaction from the Afghan public. Analysts have said that the center needs to fight corruption at all levels regardless of a person's post or position.

"There is a perception among the people that the government itself is a cause for corruption. In Afghanistan, institutions are involved in corruption with certain individuals in the leadership of the system," said political analyst Ahmad Rishad Khatibi.

Hamidi termed the establishment of the anti-corruption justice center a milestone at a national level in fighting corruption.

"We will combat corruption in Afghanistan in the right manner to prevent corruption from becoming a political discussion. We are quite sensitive in this respect to avoid harm being done to the dignity and rights of the people of Afghanistan," said Hamidi.

In a recent move, President Ashraf Ghani issued an order appointing Mohammad Irfani as general director of the attorney general's office, Sher Ali as the special prosecutor for investigations and Zahira as head attorney of the Supreme Court for the anti-corruption justice center.