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Develop a detailed and accurate survey of people with disabilities in Afghanistan
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Thursday, 13 August 2015
Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 October 2015
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Promise Background
One in five households in Afghanistan has a disabled person, according to a 2005 survey conducted by Handicap International. In President Ghani's manifesto, the President committed to the preparation of a detailed and accurate survey composed of three parts: a. The type of disability; b. The capacities of the person with disability; c. The views of the people with disability about how they think their capacities can be used;

Indicators to Measure Progress
  • 1. Plans and budget to conduct a detailed and accurate survey of Afghanistan's disabled community developed
  • 2. National disability survey conducted
  • 3. Updated national disability survey report released to the general public, 2014: Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) officials reported  that majority of disabled Afghans are deprived of their basic human rights. With no accurate statistics available on the number of people with disabilities, based on reports nearly two million of Afghanistan's population are suffering from some sort of disability.

AIGRC head, Sima Samar mentioned the importance of surveying disabled communities: "I think the types of disabilities, which are very important, should be mentioned in the surveys on persons with disabilities," Samar insisted. "First we need to know about the type of disabilities and then provide the jobs they can carry out."                                                                                                     

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