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1845days in power
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Digitize all government files from paper records
Governance and Rule of Law
Sunday, 02 August 2015
Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 October 2015
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Promise Background
In President Ghani’s pre-election manifesto the President committed to the development of an electronic governance system to simplify administrative processes and combat corruption within the government: "Our administration is still run by using pens and paper and thick folders. The need for supervision of the complex and extensive system of bureaucracy required paper and folders but this type of supervision that now overshadows our judiciary, justice and administration is a legacy from the time before contemporary technological innovations. The extensive necessities of our times has created the need that administrative processes be simplified… In this regard, our government will move all administrative processes towards simplification so that in a majority of cases, the key affairs are conducted by machines.” (Change and Continuity: A Manifesto)

Indicators to Measure Progress
  • 1. Policies and procedures for digitizing government records and an electronic governance system developed
  • 2. Digitalization of government records and electronic governance system in place

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