User Involvement

From Words to Action is designed as a collaborative government accountability platform to promote a culture of civic activism among Afghan citizens, diaspora and all relevant local and international stakeholders.

We invite and encourage citizen activists, civil society organizations, government representatives and analysts to work with us in the tracking of the NUG’s commitments From Words to Action!

User engagement is built into the platform through the following 3 ways:

 1. Commitment Tracking

Users can actively track commitments and submit information on any progress known that provides context to the current progress towards a commitment. Supporting documentation (photos, official government documents, media links etc.) from citizen monitoring to demonstrate progress on a commitment.

 If a commitment is selected to be uploaded, TOLOnews will contact participating users to verify and clarify information and will credit users’ active participation on the From Words to Action website.

 2. Submission of a Progress, Opinion or Analytical Story

To ensure the representation of context within the progress towards a given commitment, TOLOnews encourages analysts and experts to submit a progress, analytical or opinion story/piece on specific pledges. Stories that detail progress made towards a commitment will undergo a verification process by TOLOnews’ online content management team and will be reviewed against the indicators for each commitment.

Analytical and opinion pieces will be identified as the analyses, opinions and views of the author on the related context towards a specific commitment.

If a story or opinion piece is selected for posting,TOLOnews will contact participating users to verify and clarify content and will credit users’ work on the From Words to Action website.

 3. Identification of Key Post-Election Promises

To ensure the website remains relevant and up-to-date, users can help identify key post-promises made by the National Unity Government after they came into office.

Users can submit a promise that they feel is key to the betterment of Afghanistan and Afghan citizens to be tracked on the website.

If the post-election promise is selected for posting, TOLOnewswill contact participating users to verify and clarify the details about the commitment and will credit users’ contribution on the From Words to Action website.


If you have any query please contact us using form below with real information or email to [email protected]. Thanks!