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1845days in power
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Hold District Council Elections with National Assembly Elections
Governance and Rule of Law
Sunday, 26 July 2015
Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 October 2015
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Promise Background
No district council elections have been held since the establishment of an elected government in 2004. Constitutionally, both Parliamentary and district council elections should be held at the same time. Based on the recent political agreement, the NUG should invite Loya Jirga to amend the Constitution and approve the CEO position. In order to hold a constitutionally legitimate Loya Jirga, elected District Council members must comprise of 1/3 of the Loya Jirga. Both President Ghani and CEO Abdullah committed to holding District Council Elections as part of the National Unity Government political agreement.

Indicators to Measure Progress
  • 1. District Council, Dates and Elections Policies and procedures established
  • 2. District council elections held with Parliamentary elections
  • 3. District Council Members Elected

Status Details:   No official reports on progress towards this promise have been recorded.