Identification of Promises

TOLOnews has researched President Ashraf Ghani's pre-election manifesto as well as other sources including media, pledge letters and government documents in order to identify key commitments made during the presidential campaign period.

Moreover, TOLOnews consulted with more than 60 civil society organizations from the Afghanistan Civil Society Elections Network (ACSEN ) to prioritize commitments that are most relevant to the lives of Afghan citizens. Commitments that were specific and measurable were also highlighted to ensure clarity when monitoring progress towards the government’s pledges.

Following the consultations with civil society organizations, 100 of the most relevant promises were shortlisted and grouped into five definitive categories:

  1. Governance and Rule of Law
  2. Human Rights
  3. Socio-Economic Development
  4. Peace and Security
  5. Foreign Affairs

TOLOnews also consulted with representatives from the National Unity Government to encourage the government’s participation in updating citizens on progress made towards their pre-election and post-election pledges.

Monitoring of Promises

Each commitment on From Words to Action has1-3 indicators to measure progress towards achieving the National Unity Government’s pledges. TOLOnews has taken into account the following criteria when selecting indicators:

  • Valid: To have the most relevant indicator that accurately measures the progressmade.
  • Specific: The indicator is clear, measurable and unambiguous. The indicator is also understandable to the general public.
  • Objective: Anyone reviewing the indicator should reach the same conclusion in regardsto the progress of the promise.

Commitments are then tracked against the indicators and updated accordingly in 4 status categories:

  • Achieved: When a commitment has been met.
  • In Progress: When the NUG is working towards meeting this commitment but thecommitment has not yet been met.
  • Inactive: When there is no recorded progress on a commitment.
  • Not Achieved: When a commitment has not been met within the specified timeline or deliverables set by the NUG. This will also apply if a commitment has beenabandoned by the NUG. 

Each status update is reviewed and verified by TOLOnews’ online content management team to ensure the accuracy of reported commitments. To account for inactive commitments where information is not available or may have not been collected, status details for each pledge will show “No official reports on progress towards this promise have been recorded.”