New Commissioners To Start Work On Saturday
Governance and Rule of Law
Monday, 28 November 2016
Last Updated on Monday, 28 November 2016
Written by Mirabed Joyenda
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A new electoral body commissioner, Gulajan Sayad, has said the Independent Election Commission (IEC) needs reforms and based on President Ashraf Ghani's legislative decree for approving the election law, the new commissioners will bring those reforms.

The commissioners are expected to officially start work on Saturday.

"Our work will be different from the work of former commissioners. Because we start our work based on the new law and I ensure Afghan people that they will trust in the election process," he said.

People expect the new commissioners to make the voter list and date of parliament and district council elections their priority.

"This commission should bring reforms in the election procedures and approaches and in the election commissions," said Habib ul-Rahman Nang, a member of Afghan Civil Society and Elections Network (ACSEN)

Preparing the list of voters and bringing reforms in the election commission approaches are the main parts of the electoral reforms that should be brought in the commission.

"According to the election law, the new commissioners should provide a list of voters, announce the election date and take steps for having a transparent election," said Masoom Janan Abdul Rahimzai, executive director of Free and Fair Election Forum (FEFA) of Afghanistan.

The new commissioners of independent election commission (IEC) will choose a chief and deputy for the IEC within the first few days of work. Then the commissioners will submit a list of three candidates for the head of IEC secretariat to Ghani, who will appoint one a chief and deputy.