President To Get Final List Of Election Committee Candidates
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Monday, 28 November 2016
Last Updated on Monday, 28 November 2016
Written by Sharif Amiry
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Members of the election selection committee said on Wednesday they will send a final list of the shortlisted candidates to President Ashraf Ghani late Wednesday.

They said the president will choose the commission members from this list.

Out of 700 applicants, the selection committee has shortlisted 21 for the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and 15 for the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) and will submit the top candidates to Ghani.

"We hope that the new commissioners gain the peoples trust through good and free management," said Yusuf Rasheed, a member of the selection committee.

However, organizations overseeing the election process blasted the selection committee for not publicizing the list of final candidates.

"The committee should have publicized the list before submitting it to the president," said Shah Mahmood Mal, a member of an electoral watchdog in Afghanistan.

In response to this, Rasheed said: "We will share the list with the media after a meeting with the president."

However, it is believed that more effort is needed to usher in electoral reforms.

"Why should they, commissioners, not be brought to justice? The commissioners who were involved in election fraud, what do they have to tell the people? They should be brought to justice," said Ahmad WaliMassoud, head of the Massoud foundation.

Despite this, good management and regaining the peoples trust in electoral commissions are key challenges that will have to be dealt with by the new commissioners.