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Reconstruct the Khost-Ghulam Khan Road
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Wednesday, 12 August 2015
Last Updated on Saturday, 22 August 2015
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Promise Background
The Ghulam Khan highways is the third most important border crossing point between Pakistan and Afghanistan after Spin Boldak in Kandahar and Torkham in Nangarhar. Thirty-two kilometers long, the road connects Khost City to the Pakistan Border checkpoint at Ghulam Khan. Construction work began in December 2013. The project is estimated to take 17 months to be completed and is funded by the United States for USD 10.5 million. ( During his pre-election campaign President Ghani committed to seeing the completion of the Khost-Ghulam Khan road during his tenure.

Indicators to Measure Progress
  • 1. Reports showing progress on the reconstruction of the Khost- Ghulam Kham road
  • 2. Khost-Ghulam Kham road completed and open for transit

June, 2015: USAID in July 2014 awarded a contract for the final phase of the roadwork: construction of the remaining 25 km of the highway (kilometers 27-65), the highest elevation section of the Khost-Gardez road. Priorities include road surfacing, and construction of retaining walls, culverts, and bridge abutments. Provision of road maintenance along all sections of the road to allow its continued use during winter months. The scheduled completion date for all construction work is December 2015. (