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Sign and implement the Access to Information Law
Governance and Rule of Law
Sunday, 02 August 2015
Last Updated on Sunday, 29 November 2015
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Promise Background
Access to Information Laws, a legal framework governing citizens’ rights to access to information, internationally considered an essential part of any country's formalized approach to government transparency, media and the rights of citizens to acquire information about their government. President Ghani promised to approve the law to ease public access to information.

Indicators to Measure Progress
  • 1. Access to Information Law approved and implemented
  • 2. Afghan public able to access information through state institutions

December, 2014:  In December President Ashraf Ghani signed the new Access to Information Law, ratifying the 6 chapters and 32 articles that deliver Afghans unprecedented transparency in the state institutions. It is the first time in Afghan history that citizens and journalists get access to information through state institutions. The law lives up to international standards and will have major effects in limiting corruption, localizing democracy and strengthening the people's political and social participation in state building. While a few Afghan civil society activists have raised concerns on the interpretations of the law and its application at the provincial level, the law has largely been welcomed as an effort to promote transparency and media freedoms within Afghanistan.


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